The Start of our Journey into Parenthood!

I have contemplated starting a blog for a very long time. I never committed because let’s face it, I’m a CPA/nerd who doesn’t have too much exciting to share! But, now that we are pregnant, I decided it was time. I want this blog to serve as my scrapbook/memory board so I can remember all things pregnancy, baby and family related! I want to remember every feeling, emotion, and event of this wonderful journey leading up to the birth of our sweet baby! 

So, to start off, I want to go back in time a bit.  When David and I got married in July 2009, we both agreed we wanted to wait 5-7 years until we started a family.  But, off and on during the last few years we contemplated whether or not we were “ready.”  We always decided now wasn’t the time. We wanted to travel, pay down loans, enjoy being selfish, etc. But, in late November 2012, we took things more seriously.  For whatever reason, we came to a mutual decision that we were actually READY. We were laying in bed talking at 2am, and it hit both of us, that we actually wanted to commit to starting a family.  So, starting December 1, 2012, we were officially “trying.” While the below may be too much information for some, this blog is for me to remember everything. All the highs, and lows of trying to conceive, and actually becoming pregnant. 

So, to put it lightly, my body hated me when I stopped birth control. I mean, actually hated me. Nothing was “normal,” and it started seven very long, and frustrating months. There were lots of disappointments and negative pregnancy tests taken over those seven months. My cycles were all over the place, which makes it almost impossible to know when you’re ovulating, even with the help of ovulation predictor kits. So, in June 2013, I had my annual exam and mentioned to my dr. how we were trying, but struggling, my body hated me, etc. She wasn’t overly concerned until I told her one of my cycles was 40+ days long. She ordered a blood test to measure my prolactin levels. They came back elevated. So, I went in a week later, and they were even higher. So, we reached the point that after my next period we would come in for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. Well, we waited, and waited, and waited for that next period to come. I got to 47 days (my longest yet), and we decided to go ahead and take another test, mainly to rule out pregnancy.

So, I woke up on Saturday morning and changed my mind. I did not want to take the test. I didn’t want to see another not pregnant or see only one line again. I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment. But, thankfully David convinced me. He said “let’s just take it, rule it out, and move forward.” So, we took it, set it on the counter, and cuddled in bed while we waited for the alarm (our usual routine when we took a pregnancy test). We walked over and counted “one-two-three…” and we both were in SHOCK with what we saw. TWO pink lines. There was absolutely no mistaking it, it was a positive pregnancy test. We hugged and both screamed in disbelief. Literally could not believe it. So, that afternoon we took another one.  Still positive, phew! So, to put it lightly, Saturday, August 3, 2013 is one of the happiest days of my life.

I thank God so much that despite seven frustrating months, that it happened naturally. We had absolutely no idea when I ovulated, so had no idea how to time it. It was God’s timing. I still don’t know why my prolactin levels were elevated, or if there is something hormonally “off” with me. All I know is this baby growing inside of me is the only one God intended for us right now. And we could not feel more blessed or in love with this sweet child already!!

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