Happy New Year – 2014!

So, technically it’s already 3 weeks into 2014, and I’m now 29 weeks, but hey- who’s counting?? Life has been busy! 
First, let’s recap 2013, because man was it an exciting year! First and foremost, 2013 was the year we found out we were pregnant!! That alone made 2013 my favorite year yet! On top of that 2013 was a year of awesome success career wise. David got promoted to manager at EY, and I got promoted to senior at PwC! We both worked our tails off, and it completely paid off. Then, 5 months after getting promoted, I quit PwC. I took a tax accountant position at Eli Lilly! Honestly, who quits their job and starts a new one in the middle of a pregnancy? This chick apparently. But, it was hands down one of the decisions I could have made for me and my (growing) family! 
Aside of career changes, we also had fun in 2013! We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary by traveling to NYC for the first time, and we absolutely loved it! I had a girls weekend in Florida with Ali and Stef, and visited Anna in St. Louis! We also welcomed our first nephew and niece into the world in 2013!! Loved ones got engaged and married, and some had babies or got pregnant! Life is just flying by and people are growing and changing all around us! It’s amazing. 

We ended the year on an interesting note, with David having mono. It didn’t make for the best of the holiday season, but it forced us to relax and take it easy at home and spend time together. We should probably be thankful for that relaxing time, since our days of relaxing are now numbered! And, he isn’t dying (like I originally thought!), so all in all, I’d say 2013 was a success!

And now, 2014 is off to a great start! I survived my first busy season at Lilly. This consisted of 2-3 10pm nights and a few weeks of stress. Remember when I said taking my new job was the best decision I could have made? Yeah, I wasn’t lying. Going from working 60-70 hour weeks for close to 5 months out of the year, and every weekend of March, April, September and October to this busy season is a miracle. My stress is down to almost zero, and I truly am the happiest I’ve been in a longg time. It is such a blessing, and I thank the Lord for this opportunity every day. I’ve been able to cook for my family again, which makes me happier than I even realized. And given me time to just focus on what’s important in life.  Such a refreshing change of pace in my life.  

This year we have soo incredibly much to look forward to. Most importantly, welcoming our sweet son into the world in just a few short months! But before he arrives we have a huge to-do list to accomplish! Lots of little things to do around the house, all of which excite me because it’s all for him. I am SO thankful to have a husband that is just as excited and is willing to do so much! I also have my baby shower coming up in a few weeks, then before we know it I will be on maternity leave anxiously awaiting Noah!! I truly don’t think I could be more excited for this spring and summer with our new son. I can’t wait to be outside, take walks and just enjoy time with my sweet family. This summer we have a wedding every single month, which makes me so happy. (I’m a total sucker for weddings!) It truly is going to be the greatest time. I have no doubt it’s going to be hard and a lot to take on, but I am so excited to tackle this thing called motherhood.

Goals for 2014 include: Reading the Bible daily with my husband, giving up all soda, and just taking life one day at a time. It may sound like I’m wishing time way by being so anxious for Noah to arrive and having so much to look forward to, but I really want to strive this year to enjoy each day and find the positives. Life is too beautiful and short, which I hope I remember daily! Having a super positive husband definitely helps remind me of that 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed 2014!      

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