This past weekend David and I drove to Georgia to finally celebrate Christmas with his family. It was a lot of driving for a really short trip, but we had a great time nonetheless. So yesterday we spent 9+ hours in the car together, and let me just say it was one of my favorite times we’ve shared in a long time. It was just undivided attention on both of our parts, being able to talk and spend quality time. We talked alllllllll about Noah and different parenting philosophies. Thankfully we agree on basically everything (so far) when it comes to our ideas of parenthood and raising our boy. It was so wonderful to daydream with my husband about what our son is going to be like, how we want to raise him, etc. 
On top of talking about Noah, we also reflected on the past 7 years of our relationship. It was amazing. It was nonstop “remember when…” and “wow, that feels like yesterday…” We quizzed each other on random dates we’ve shared and just reminisced on what has been an incredible journey to where we are.  We met on a cruise over 9 years ago, started dating long distance 7 years ago, and now we’ve been married 4.5 years and we are welcoming our first child in just a few months! So, we have an incredible amount of memories, none of which I want to forget.

That isn’t to say our relationship has been all roses and rainbows. We have struggled, a lot at times. Early on in our relationship we essentially broke up every week, had lots of fights, etc. Then after marriage, we’ve definitely had a share of ups and downs. We’ve both made mistakes in our relationship and take each other for granted from time to time. But, at the end of the day we love each other and would literally do anything to make our marriage work. The good times in our relationship have outweighed the bad 10:1. The past year of our marriage has hands down been the absolute best of our entire relationship. We are stronger than ever, and our love is the deepest it’s ever been.

I look at my husband and think “wow, how did I get soo lucky?” I just have to brag for a minute about how awesome he is. I have zero doubts he’s going to be the best dad in the world. He has been soo incredibly supportive throughout all of pregnancy, it’s amazing. He wouldn’t dare miss a single doctor appointment or chance to hear his son’s heartbeat. He constantly talks to Noah and loves feeling him move. He wants to take 2 weeks off when I go back to work, simply to be able to spend alone quality time with our son. What guy suggests that? He’s awesome (and brave!) And thankfully he reminds me daily how much he loves my “new” body and growing baby bump. Gaining a lot of weight is something I had a hard time adjusting to. So, to have a husband that still finds me beautiful means more than anything. I love my husband more now just by seeing how giddy he is about his son. I can’t even fathom how much more that will grow when I see him actually holding and interacting with Noah. 

David – I want you to know that you are my everything. I am truly, madly, deeply so head over heels in love with you and I couldn’t be happier to be married to you. You are my best friend in the entire world. I hands down love you more now that I did the day we got married, and I absolutely cannot wait to watch our love continue to grow. So, I want to thank you. Thank you for loving me, for working so incredibly hard for our family, for being so supportive, and for just being you. I love you to the moon and back. 

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