Pregnancy Reflections

As I sit here on day 6 of my maternity leave, I realize we are only 25 days away from our due date.  This realization is slightly terrifying, exciting and all around overwhelming.  I am the first person to admit that I have loved being pregnant. It is truly a miracle, and the female body is absolutely extraordinary. I am carrying a living, growing, breathing miracle that in less than four weeks I will be 110% responsible for. Not that I’m not already responsible for him, but it’s different. Right now he’s attached to me 24/7, and I know he is always safe. When he is on the outside, I know I am going to be a stress case; being a mother is the ultimate responsibility. So, to calm myself from the anxiety of the next few weeks, I wanted to reflect on all the highlights of this first and amazing pregnancy. These are things I want to always remember about the past 9 months, which truly have been the highlight of my life, thus far.

Cravings: I tell everyone that I have had the appetite of a five year old during pregnancy. The week before we found out I was pregnant, I woke up craving donuts – which I probably hadn’t eaten in 5+ years. In hindsight, that should have been a dead giveaway that something was different! From there, I had serious food aversions for quite some time. After that though, my cravings ramped up and all I wanted to eat was essentially crap:

Macaroni & Cheese
Corn Dogs
Sour patch kids
Pop-Tarts – see below picture
Ice Cream, every. single. night. 

Clearly, my diet has been absolutely terrible during pregnancy.  I am really not quite sure how I haven’t gained 60+ pounds over the last few months. The third trimester thankfully has been better and I’ve had a much more balanced diet!  

First Kicks: October 23, 2013! I specifically remember this moment. I was in Chicago for a training when I was still with PwC. There had been times before where I questioned if Noah was kicking, but always realized it was just a muscle twitch. But, on October 23rd, it was obvious. It was a flutter, just like everyone said it would be. And it was magical. I couldn’t focus on my training at all because I just kept hoping and focusing on trying to feel his sweet little kicks again. Then, thankfully on November 2nd, David was able to feel it for himself! We were lying in bed, and I felt him move and told David to put his hand on my stomach, and sure enough Noah kicked for his daddy! Seeing his reaction was so incredibly special to me, and something I hope I never forget. 

Favorite Pregnancy Moments:  One of my absolute favorite things about being pregnant, is how nice everyone is. It is really quite fascinating to me actually. It seems like everyone is obsessed with pregnant women, and so curious. When I walk into work, I see everyone’s eyes on my tummy, or when I’m checking out at the store I inevitably get the same three questions: When am I due? Boy or girl? Do we have a name picked out? I have answered these same questions probably 100 times over the past few months. But, I never mind because it always puts a smile on my face. I love people’s curiosity and love how people are so incredibly kind during this special time. I will definitely miss this part of being pregnant.

Aside from missing how people treat pregnant women, I will miss all of Noah’s kicks and squirms from the inside. I will even miss his sometimes annoying hiccups. I am convinced we have the most active child ever. He is constantlyyyy squirming and rolling around. It is always a reminder that our boy is healthy and growing! But I am pretty sure it means we will have our hands full with an active child once he’s out – just like his daddy 🙂

Funniest Moments: The funniest moments are ones that have happened at work and how bold people are. At 30 weeks, a random lady in the work kitchen asked me how many weeks I have left, and when I responded that I still had 10 weeks left she responded, “Woahh, and there’s only one in there?!” Haha! Correct, I am in fact NOT pregnant with twins, but thank you for thinking I am enormous. It’s a good thing I don’t take offense to much!

Then, right around 34 weeks I had TWO random women at work tell me I’ve “dropped.” One woman literally stopped me in my tracks while I was walking, asked me to turn to the side and said “Woah, you’re carrying low!” and then proceeded to keep walking. Then the second lady, again in our work kitchen, asked me how long I had left, and proceeded to say “you’re having a boy, aren’t you?” When I responded yes, I asked if it’s because she thought I was carrying low. And she said “Ohhh yes you are. Very low.” People reallyy make me laugh. And thankfully my child will NOT just fall out of me, regardless of how low people think I’m carrying!  

These past nine months have been some of the happiest of my entire life. It has bonded David and I in ways I never thought possible. And for that alone I am so grateful for this experience. Part of me doesn’t want it to end. I’m nervous and terrified about giving birth and nervous about how all of this will change my relationship with my husband. I’m nervous about being a mom and having someone depend on me for every little thing. But, regardless of my fears, I am soo excited. I can’t wait to hold Noah for the first time, and see what he looks like. I can’t wait to examine every little inch of him and see how perfect he is. I absolutely cannot wait to see David with our son for the first time. No thought melts my heart more than picturing the love of my life holding the child we created together. I am so thankful for this blessing God has given us. And SO thankful for a smooth pregnancy. Now, let’s just hope for as smooth of a delivery process. We can’t wait to meet you Noah David!

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