My First Mother’s Day!

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I had the best possible day! I really had no idea if David would do anything special or what our plans were- he stayed very hush hush and just never said anything when Mother’s Day came up in conversation. Well, he surpassed all my expectations!

We woke up, and he quickly headed downstairs to make me breakfast in bed! Scrambled eggs with cheese, and cinnamon sugar toast! While I was eating in bed he gave me a veryy funny card, with messages from Noah and Zoe too! It was so clever and adorable! After hanging out in bed for a bit, we went downstairs, drank coffee and watched some tv. 
He mentioned that we had plans around noon for lunch. So, we got ready to leave around noon, and to my surprise Zoe was coming with! We loaded the car and a few minutes later pulled into a park! My sweet husband packed a great picnic and we found a nice spot in the shade! It was so lovely! On top of that, David completely surprised my with a gift certificate to a nail salon AND a super generous gift card to a spa! He wanted me to treat myself to whatever I wanted. He knew how much my body went through to get Noah here, so he wanted me to take care of myself and enjoy a spa day! It was soo thoughtful and he completely spoiled me!

After our wonderful picnic, we went home so I could feed the boy. Then we just spent the day together shopping and running errands. It was so much fun having a little sidekick along with us, even if it is a lot harder to get around! 
That evening we went to Cheeseburger in Paradise and sat outside for dinner! I even got a flower for Mother’s Day! 🙂 It was our first time going to a restaurant with Noah, and I was definitely a little nervous! But, I fed before we left am and he didn’t make a peep all dinner! He was amazing!! 
Overall it was such a fantastic first Mother’s Day! We had such great weather and it was just fabulous spending a whole day with my sweet family! No chores or yard work, just family time. Thank you to my husband for making sure my first Mother’s Day was so perfect! I am soo blessed!! And thank you to Noah for making me a MOM!! 

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