Burp Cloth Craze

Shortly after I had Noah, I received a personalized set of burp cloths with Noah’s name, monogram, etc. I was in love with them! It was such a sweet surprise and I loved having cute burp cloths to take everywhere. Any mom can attest that these get more use than anything else early on. Well, fast forward a year and now I’m totally obsessed with making them! 

I received my embroidery machine last Christmas and I’m hooked! I told David shortly after that I was worried I’d never use it. ha! I use this bad boy weekly. Sure, it may make me seem like a 50 year old cat lady, but hey, I love getting crafty. My latest obsession is personalizing burp cloths! They make the sweetest gifts. Now that my friends are all in prime baby making stage, I’m making them frequently! 
Last week I made three for a sweet girlfriend who is 35 weeks with her 3rd! This girl is a super mom, and I wanted to just do something nice (and unexpected) for her! Who doesn’t love getting total surprises in the mail!? She was totally obsessed with them, and they completely made her day – which is exactly what I was hoping for. She deserves it! She actually suggested I open an Etsy shop, soo…voila! https://www.etsy.com/shop/MamaGrayEmbroidery More to come on starting my Etsy shop! I’m so excited to see my shop grow and share my love of embroidery!

Embroidered burp cloths

When sending these as a set, I like to wrap them with ribbon, and attach a cute little tag showing they were “Made with Love.” I am super happy with the presentation of them!

embroidered burp cloth set
Here are a couple more I’ve done recently! These I sent with a book and wrapped it all together with love (well, and a cute chevron bow of course!)  Have I mentioned how much I love chevron and polka dots? It’s seriously a problem. Can’t wait to show more of my embroidery and burp cloths as time goes on!

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