Fall Wreath Revamp!


Oh Fall, how I love you. Seriously, could fall be any more wonderful!? Football, pretty leaves, and all things pumpkin. I am already soo excited for it. Sure, it might not yet be fall, but we are close. And my trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday was a nice reminder. Changing seasons for me also means a change in my front door wreath! Last year I made a fall wreath that I loved – bright colored flowers, a big burlap bow, etc. It was perfect. So, to avoid any more comments about my wreath obsession from my husband, I decided I would just use the same one for this season. But, after being tossed around the garage, and surviving the move six months ago, this puppy was sad. I knew it could be cheaply updated though to revamp it for our new house. So, I picked up a new set of fall colored flowers at Hobby Lobby (40% off!), and decided to remake the burlap bow to be bigger and better.  

Before – Sad wreath and bow

When I made my burlap bow last time, I really struggled to find the best way to do it. I wanted it big – but being a burlap newbie, I didn’t know the best way to approach it. So hopefully the below instruction will give anyone else struggling some guidance! Note: I used plain burlap ribbon – not wired.

First, just make a big loop on one-side. However big you make this loop will dictate the size of your bow – so eye it carefully and use your wreath for scale. 

burlap bow how-to
Then, take a piece of green floral wire and start wrapping around the end of the loop to secure it in place. Repeat with the other side, making sure to keep both loops equal in size. Note: the wrapping does not have to be pretty or perfect, as it will soon be covered. 
burlap bow how-to


burlap bow how-to
Then, cut off a small section of ribbon, as seen below.  Fold the piece in half (hot-dog style) and wrap this around the middle of the bow as many times as you can, pretty tightly. You want to make sure you end the wrapping on the backside of the bow, and then use a hot glue gun to secure! This will give a more finished look, and cover the green floral wire. 
burlap bow how-to
burlap bow how-to
Wrapping the middle gives a clean look to the bow!
burlap bow how-to
finished bow! 

To secure the bow to the wreath I used the hot glue gun to attach…and definitely burnt myself. Crafting can seriously be dangerous. But, I also used floral wire and wrapped it around the bow and wreath a couple of times for added security. I was able to hide the wire by wrapping it on either side of the middle “knot” I created. I trimmed the excess burlap hanging down, and definitely gave the bad boy a nice spray of hairspray. I sprayed the ends to hopefully prevent fraying, as well as the bow itself to help keep its shape. Note: to help keep the loops perky, I also hot glued the back of the loops in a couple of spots just to keep them more upright. So happy with the updated bow – bigger definitely is better. 

I cut off the individual flowers from the bouquet I bought (leaving a couple inches of stem on each one). Then, I just started adding to it – by sticking the stems throughout the wooden wreath, no hot glue is required. It should be tight and secure as is. The old flowers were in really good shape, but I just wanted to add a little more volume and color/variety to spice it up a little! So happy with the finished product! I just haddd to hang it for pictures and make sure I didn’t need any tweaks. Given that it’s 90 degrees outside, I forced myself to take it down and keep my Spring/Summer wreath up a little while longer. But now I’m even more in the mood for fall and all the goodness that comes along with it!

fall wreath diyfall wreath diy

More fall DIY and decor to come! XO

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