Mommy’s Prince

“Don’t forget to dress up like a Prince tomorrow!” – Daycare Director as we were walking out Thursday evening

“Ummm, what does that even mean!?” – Me

Maybe a bit of word vomit, but seriously, how the hell does a 15 month old boy dress like a prince? And woops, I had no idea Friday was even dress up day. Mom fail.

I try to make sure Noah participates in any and all “spirit days” at school. I never want my child to be left out, or feel different. Lord knows he will face enough of that because of his allergies. Sure, he’s 15 months and doesn’t have a clue, but I know, and I care. So, I immediately started wracking my brain to come up with something for Noah to wear as a prince. It took all of about 2 seconds to decide I would embroider something cute for him. I had a plain t-shirt ready for embroidery, so it was perfect. $2 at Hobby Lobby – can’t beat it.

I opted to find a simple crown applique design, and put “mommy’s prince” underneath it. Simple, quick, and super cute! 

I think Noah approves!

An hour of work and minimal cost, makes for a happy mom sending Noah off to school. So thankful for my embroidery machine to be able to whip up something on such short notice. Keep checking back for more fun embroidery projects!

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