Allergy Free Sugar Cube Igloo

One of my favorite, and longest traditions with David has been to make a gingerbread house every Christmas season. We’ve done it since my freshman year of college – so this marks our NINTH year. Holy crap – quick way to feel superrr old. But, this has been such a long standing and fun tradition for us. We usually play a Christmas movie in the background, and share lots and lots of laughs. Obviously this is something we want to continue with Noah. But, with the challenges of his allergies, I knew I would be nervous buying a pre-assembled kit like normal. We are a family that does not buy anything if it was manufactured in the same facility as peanuts/tree nuts. With many of the kits including candy, icing, etc. from different places, I knew it wouldn’t be super easy to find a safe kit. SO, I decided to switch it up this year, and I am proud to say it was a total success. This year we decided to make…a sugar cube IGLOO. So. Cute.

This was a super cute, and fun way for continue our tradition, while still including our sweet boy! Can’t wait to see how we switch it up in the coming years!

What You Need:

  • Cake Board (from Party supply store) – we used just a festive platter for this year!
  • A bowl – something round, as this will be the basis for the shape of your igloo
  • Safe White icing – recipe below
  • 1-2 boxes of sugar cubes
  • powdered sugar/pearl sugar/or snowflake sprinkles
  • Four marshmallows
  • Two toothpicks
  • Fruit roll-up or any other gummie decorations of your choosing!
First, spread a little icing on the platter, a little wider than your bowl. Turn the bowl upside down, directly onto the icing and secure in place.
Spread icing around the entire bottom half of the bowl. Then, starting at the very bottom, add sugar cubes around the entire perimeter. Once the first row is complete, continue adding additional rows all the way to the top – we tried to place all rows a little off center from the previous rows, like you would lay bricks. NOTE: sugar cubes are not perfect squares, so be mindful to place them in the same direction for an even igloo!
Allergy free sugar cube iglooAllergy free sugar cube igloo

Allergy free sugar cube iglooAllergy free sugar cube igloo

Once the entire bowl is covered in sugar cubes, it’s time to make the entrance! You can use a section of paper towel holder, cut in half and secured, to give the shape. Or, you can brave it out and do it free hand like my husband! Just dip the sugar cubes in icing to secure. We made it three sugar cubes deep, and four rows high. I was pretty impressed with his handy work!

We used powdered sugar for “snow” to cover the ground area. And used Dots to add some decoration! We then made a couple of marshmallow snowmen to add to the scene! Simply put two large marshmallows on a toothpick (we had to cut the toothpicks slightly to get them to stand). Then use strips of fruit roll-ups, or something similar to create scarves, or any other accessories. I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips for eyes, which was super difficult, and then caved to using a sharpie for the nose and mouth! Get creative! I think next year when Noah gets older we will focus more on decorating and let him use his imagination!
Allergy free sugar cube igloo
Forewarning, your child will probably eat WAY too much sugar during the activity. Noah was full on eating sugar cubes, and then resorted to dipping sugar cubes in icing and then eating. Sugar overload. But hey, it’s Christmas! He had a blast and we loved seeing him excited about something safe and fun!
Safe White Icing:
    • 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
    • 1 TBS Rice Milk
    • 2 tsp. Light Corn Syrup
    • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

In a large bowl, mix the powdered sugar and rice milk on low until it’s well combined and no lumps.

 Add the corn syrup, and the extract and continue to mix until combined .
The icing should be thin enough to spread, but thick enough to cover the bowl without immediately dripping. Add more powdered sugar or rice milk to get the consistency right. It doesn’t seem like it makes much icing. However, we somehow actually ended up with extra!

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