Don’t be Offended…

…if I text you and remind you not to eat any nuts before coming to my house. Or if I ask you not to feed your kids peanut butter before a play date. Or if I don’t let Noah eat anything you’ve prepared, even if you assure me it’s safe. Or if I ask you to wash your hands before touching my child. Or if I remind you not to kiss my kid. Or if I feel the need to wipe down your counters before Noah eats. The list goes on, and on, and on…

These are all things I’ve actually done, and encountered the last few months with friends, family, acquaintances, etc. Part of me always feels a little rude and guilty, but also proud that I am sticking up for Noah, and for helping put my mind at ease.  When I ask you these things, please do not take offense. It may seem silly to you, but for me it’s one more measure I can take to avoid an accident from happening. If I text you and remind you these things, it is not because I don’t trust you, or believe you. It’s because when you don’t live the life of an allergy family all day, every day, you don’t know all the hidden places allergies can hide. You may assure me everything you fix is safe and allergy free. But, what if you used the same spoon to stir something unsafe and then cross contaminate what you think is safe? What if you didn’t notice the “produced on same equipment as peanuts and tree nuts” warning on the back? You may think whatever you made is safe, but in reality it could cause serious issues. So, please don’t take offense if I don’t feed Noah something you prepare. It’s not because I don’t appreciate it (because I do, more than you know!!) It’s because for my own sanity, it is just plain easier if I bring everything for him, which I know is prepared completely safely.

This past month we have officially survived both Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was filled with lots, and lots of tears and anxiety, but we survived – reaction free. If people get stressed from the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays, try being an allergy parent.  It takes that normal stress to the absolute max, and then some. All gatherings surround food, and eating is such a large social aspect of this time of year. And it’s terrifying, and stressful as an allergy mom. We have actually turned down going to certain parties, simply because the stress of unknown people, food, etc. will literally make it impossible for me to enjoy. I’ve missed out on so many conversations, 
because I’m too busy watching my child’s every move. I’ve reminded family members to not kiss my child goodbye. I’ve asked people if they washed their hands after eating. I’ve cleaned too many surfaces to count. And I’ve broken down sobbing an embarrassing amount of times. It’s been nothing short of exhausting.

We learned a ton this holiday season, which will hopefully make future holidays easier to manage. But man have the past few months been eye opening. 
Thank you to all who have been SO supportive, and accommodating. Thank you for trying to understand. Thank you for loving my son enough to make changes to traditions. We appreciate it more than you know. And to everyone I know, please don’t take offense to something I say or do when it comes to Noah’s allergies. It’s never coming from a rude place; it’s coming from a place of stress, worry, and concern. And pleased don’t be surprised if act like a crazy person 24/7. That’s just simply the life of an allergy mom! 


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