First Etsy Sale!

Remember when I mentioned opening an Etsy shop way back when?! Well, I did…and nothing happened. Untillll Tuesday this week!! I opened my shop because I genuinely loveee embroidering. And because Etsy makes it so cheap to list products. So, with a low cost, I figured what the heck?! Might as well put them up there and see what happens. Well, I quickly realized I am not the only mom in America who loves to embroider. There are soo many other shops, with lots of sales, lots of reviews, etc. How am I supposed to compete? If I was a buyer, obviously I’d choose someone who is reputable and people have used versus a newbie with zero activity. So, I just let it sit, and got discouraged from time to time. But, people were viewing my shop, lots of people were favoriting my items on a weekly basis, etc. So, that was always neat and encouraging and made me want to keep it open.

Well, on Tuesday (the veryy start of my busy season at work), I get an email. “Congrats on your First Sale!” Say whaaat!? I was floored, and SO excited/nervous. I figured someone just bought a single burp cloth, or something small. Nope. This lady purchased my biggest set- three burpcloths and a bib! I seriously couldn’t believe it. And I also couldn’t believe that it came at about the worst time imaginable. Ha! Of course I would be working 15 hour days and someone wants an order. But, I was determined to get this done as quickly as possible and make a great first sale!

After I got home, and Noah went to bed, I immediatelyyy got to work. And I’ll be damned I knocked it all out that evening. I sent pictures to my customer, and she absolutely LOVED them. Side note: my first customer was in India buying a gift for a friend in Chicago. The internet is so cool. But, I digress. She was the perfect first customer! She mentioned how much she appreciated me getting it done so quickly, and that the final product was beautiful! What more could I hope to hear from my first buyer!? 

Packaged with a bow, and a sweet little note!

So, I got everything done, a nice note written for the tag, and David dropped it in the mail. Two days, and I was done! I cannot even tell you how motivating it was to get my first sale! I already have so many other ideas swimming around in my head to grow my shop. Now if only I could survive busy season and actually have time to put ideas into action 🙂

If anyone needs an idea for a personalized baby gift, you know where to look!!


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