Good Riddance, 2015!

Another year has come and gone?! Seriously, how is that even possible? Everyone always said once you had kids that time would flyyy. And man, they weren’t lying. 2015 was seriously a blink of an eye, and I am sure 2016 will be no different. This past year was a whirlwind; full of highs, and lotsss of lows. But, God blessed me with another year, and that is something to be thankful for. I am, however, not too disappointed to say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016. I am SO looking forward to what the next 365 days have in store for my family!

On New Year’s Eve I asked David what his high and low moments of 2015 were. He of course can’t remember what he had for breakfast, so he struggled to come up with anything. My high moment was moving into what I hope is our forever home. I cannot believe we’ve been here almost a year already! I am still soo in love with our house. It’s so beautiful and I love making it a home with my guys. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many other highs of 2015 that I am so thankful for. Just watching Noah grow and change soo much this year has been enough to make my heart explode. He is more than I could have ever hoped for, and this year my love just grew stronger and stronger!  

My low moment of 2015 is so obvious, and is the reason for starting to write this blog again. My lowest moment of 2015 was definitely the day of Noah’s anaphylactic reaction. It is hands down one of the most pivotal moments of my entire life. In one split second of feeding Noah my favorite food, our lives were changed. This is the moment that truly defined our past year…every emotion, action, thought, and feeling of 2015 was driven by that moment. And it will continue to shape all years to come. 
2015 was a really tough year on me emotionally. I became an allergy mom, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day without my own momma, I busted my butt at work and realized just how damn tough it is to be a working mom, and my stress and anxiety got the best of me on more days than it should have. I’m pretty sure I shed more tears this past year than I have in the past five combined. This was nothing short of an exhausting year – physically and emotionally. But, there was still so much joy this past year. We took trips to Key West, South Haven, and Naples. We spent so much time with loved ones, developed new friendships, grew our hobbies, stepped outside our comfort zone, and grew soo much as a family. We loved harder than we’ve ever loved before. So, despite all the hardships of 2015, I will forever be thankful for another year with my two boys, making memories and growing as a family. 
Cheers to making 2016 a happier, and healthier year! 

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