No Eggs For Noah

Remember me mentioning that we had more food challenges coming up? Well, we had our second one last Wednesday: egg. And I couldn’t have been more excited about it. I envisioned finally being able to use egg in a meatloaf again, or burgers, or really anything instead of a powder mixed with water. I was especially excited to start baking with eggs again. Allergy free baking has by far been the hardest thing to adapt to in the kitchen for me. Everything is just…different. Adding eggs back in to recipes would at least be a start to getting some normalcy back into baked goods. So, I was so excited and had reallyy high hopes for this challenge. Really under no circumstance did I think we’d fail. Can you guess where this post is going?

We failed.

It was so shocking, disappointing, and down right scary. Five and a half hours in the doctor office for a crappy outcome was a lot to handle.  But like anytime things don’t go as planned, I just have to remind myself that Noah is fine, and healthy. And I am thankful.



So, for the challenge: we arrived at 7:45am, our carton of egg beaters in hand. Noah had his vitals taken, and we were escorted to our room.  Then, before we knew it the nurse was bringing in serving number one (out of 8 for this challenge). The first dose was literally a crumb. I’m talking, like a speck. It’s crazy. It would seem ridiculous to anyone else but an allergy family. When you’ve seen your kid react and almost die from something that small before, you still take the first bite as seriously as if it were a whole spoonful. Noah took it like a champ, and I was so relieved (given that this kid is soo picky, it’s always a hit or miss if he’s going to cooperate eating the dose). But, dose numero uno was in, and then we waited. Dose number two, no problem. Then, dose number three caused some heartburn. Immediately after, he started rubbing his eye like crazy, and we noticed a red dot on his chin. So, we halted for 30 minutes to observe. Wanted to make sure there were no hives, and no other symptoms. After 30 minutes, things calmed down and we decided to move forward. So, we got through dose 4 and dose 5 (totally smothered in ketchup) without really any issues.

Then, as I was giving dose 6 I noticed a small dot above his lip which we hadn’t noticed before. We still gave the dose, and then things went down hill. A few minutes after finishing dose 6, he started coughing/haking/choking. The nurse promptly brought in a bucket, because we all thought he might vomit. I knew in that moment it was over. This was not normal. This isn’t how it was supposed to go in order to pass. He developed a hive on his back, and his nose was pouringg snot. He sat on my lap, super lethargic. I don’t want to say non-responsive, but more or less, that’s what it seemed. He was not my energetic little boy; he was a limp noodle. I was soo worried. Thankfully, I just reminded myself we were in the safest environment possible. Our amazing allergist checked on us several times to listen to his breathing, and just observe. We stayed there for another 1-1.5 hours and we decided we were finally okay to go home. We could have stayed until 5 if we really wanted, but our allergist was comfortable letting us go. We got home, and put some food on the kid’s belly, gave him some benadryl, and put him down for a nap. The kid needed rest after the morning he had. Phew. Exhausting morning/afternoon to say the least.image

So, where do we go from here? Well, eggs are totally off the table until we do another blood test in a year. Then at that point we can potentially challenge them again, and pray for a different outcome. We have three more challenges coming up, which have me totally anxious. Again, I wasn’t nervous at allll for egg. I thought it would be like soy and we’d pass with flying colors. Shrimp, sesame, and cashew already had me nervous, because they are suchhh unknowns. Now I’m even more nervous, even though this egg failure has absolutely no bearing on his other challenges. It’s still incredibly nerve wracking.  Being an allergy parent is no joke.

Stay tuned for more updates on how the next three play out, and pray for good results!!

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