Toddler Valentine’s Craft

Toddler Valentine's Craft

Toddler Valentine's Craft

One of my favorite things about any holiday is the decorating! It brings so much cheer to the house and makes me so happy.  For some reason, Valentine’s has never been one that I’ve really decorated or done much for though. But, like everything else that comes along with having a kid, that changed.  Any holiday is now an excuse to get crafty and do something fun with my boy.  So this weekend we tackled Valentine’s craft #1 lined up. It cost all of about $5, and turned out super cute! I definitely had to assist a little to make it look fully presentable, but given that Noah’s not even two, I’d say he did a great job!

All this craft involved was:

Construction Paper (we used one red and one pink)

A mixture of red/pink buttons – I found two packs for $2 each at Wal-mart


I cut out three hearts from the construction paper, you know, using old-school hamburger fold, and cutting half a heart. Then, one heart at a time, I would cover half in glue and let Noah have at it. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but he loved it. We had to take a few breaks in between the different hearts – a toddler brain can only focus on something for so long ya know.

toddler valentine craft toddler valentines art

After we finished the three hearts, we let them dry for a few hours. Then I glued them onto a piece of paper, that I cut down to 8 X 10.  I framed the paper, and proudly displayed it on our entertainment center.

Super fast, and super cute Sunday afternoon Valentine’s craft. Stay tuned for another one we will tackle next weekend! Nothing like a kid to make me enjoy every single holiday a little bit more!

toddler valentine craft 1
distraction in between crafting!

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