DIY Growth Chart

DIY growth chart
DIY Growth Chart
DIY Growth Chart

A while back I mentioned how excited I was to decorate Noah’s playroom when we moved into our house…which somehow was almost a YEAR ago (literally don’t know how that’s even possible). Pretty much everything in the room is DIY, bright, colorful, and just fun. From the Alphabet Wall to the Toddler Canvas project, and even the curtains (tutorial to come on that one!)…it was all done with love. I realized I never posted about one of my absolute favorite pieces of the room, made with the most love of all…the large and beautiful DIY growth chart my sweet hubby worked so hard on! It is seriously better than I could have imagined, and I am so excited to share how we went about it!


  • 1 inch X 10 inch X 8 ft. piece of oak wood. BUT, you can use a significantly cheaper type of wood (pine, for example) to reduce cost!
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Wood stain
  • Sharpie
  • Exterior metal numbers
  • Optional: dremel tool to make notches for each measurement

Now, our growth chart is largeeee and in charge. When my husband finished it I actually questioned if it was TOO big. We made it 8 feet, versus a more standard 6 feet. Obviously Noah will never be anywhere close to 8 feet tall, but, our ceilings are an amazing 10 feet tall, so we really wanted it big to it a statement piece. It just works for us! Use whatever seems appropriate for your house!

My hubby began by laying the wood down along with the tape measure, then he marked off all the measurements. For each 1 inch notch, he made the mark an inch long. For every 6 inches, he made the notch two inches long, and for every foot mark, the notch was three inches long. This just ensured that all of the measurements were equal and uniform.DIY Growth Chart

TIP: Make sure you consider how and where you want this to hang, to measure appropriately. Will this go flush on the floor? Then your measurements will start with zero. If it’s going to hang on top of a baseboard, you need to account for the height on the baseboard when measuring your growth chart. We went back and forth for a while, but then opted to have it hang directly touching the floor. Then, using a $10 dremel tool found out Harbour Freight, he made slight notches along all of the measurements he marked. This just gave it a little more dimension! This is totally optional, again, just fit my preference, but totally not necessary.

DIY growth chart

After all the the notches were complete, it was time to stain! We picked a slightly darker, natural color – use whatever fits your taste! Make sure you cover the sides and everything completely. Then, we tackled how to darken all of the measurement notches to make them “pop”. Originally I thought about using paint, but instead opted to use a plain old black sharpie. This allowed me to be so much more exact, and was SO much easier in my opinion!

For the numbers you can use a variety of options; we opted to use metal numbers you’d see on the exterior of a house! You could also use vinyl mailbox numbers, etc. But, I love the boldness of the metal numbers, and that they were raised and dimensional. We figured out where we wanted them placed on the board, and the hubby nailed them in place. Ta-Da! A one-of-a kind growth chart!

Now, the hardest part of was figuring out to hang this sucker. Obviously it needed to be super secure if the babe would be standing up against it frequently, and it was going in a room where we always spend time. I wanted something a little more unique than just screwing it into the wall. I also wanted to be able to take it down if we absolutely needed to. So, we finally settled on using a hook and eye system to hang the beast. It took a little while to figure out, but I think it gives it a really cool, more industrial look. I love it.

DIY Growth Chart

I am so thankful for my handy husband making something so special and with so much love for our sweet boy’s playroom!

DIY Growth Chart

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    1. Oh thank you SOOO much! 🙂 and I will definitely be there!! Alarm set and ready to link up!! Love your blog- thanks so much for reaching out!!

  1. Thanks so much for linking this project up to Thriving on Thursdays last week. I wished I would’ve done something like this for my now 11 and 9 year old children. And what a beautiful keepsake. I’m featuring this one at tomorrow’s linky party. So nice of you to join us. Hope to see you again.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

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