DIY Bubble Valentine’s

DIY bubble valentines

Last week I mentioned that I’ve never really done much for Valentine’s, but that changed once I had Noah. Kids make all holidays soo much more fun. There is so much joy that comes with having a child around any holiday, even if it is Hallmark made. I have such fond memories of making card boxes in elementary school, exchanging Valentine’s cards with all my friends, and eating all kinds of candy. Now, as a mom to a toddler with life threatening allergies, most candy is off-limits, and I want to strive to only share non-food treats with Noah’s classmates. It kind of ties into the concept of the teal pumpkin project and promoting inclusion for all kiddos! I want Noah to be safe, and included like his friends, hence these adorable DIY Bubble Valentine’s!

I got inspired while roaming only the greatest store ever (Target, duh.) and I found a 24 pack of small tube bubbles for only $3. Noah has always had a seriousss obsession with bubbles, so it was the perfect theme. Then, I quickly found an adorable printable to tie it all together.  Thank you to “Love This Crazy Life” for such a cute (and free) design! Then using a hole-punch, and a little twine, the hubby and I assembled them tonight! TIP: we found it best to tie the twine on the back side of the card to give it a cleaner look! Super easy, and super cute, right?? I can’t wait for Noah to take them to all of his friends on Friday! And yay for it being totally allergy-free and safe for all his classmates!


DIY bubble valentine's

Now I just say a prayer that all the other mom’s at daycare follow the no-outside-food rule and don’t bring in treats and we will be alllllll good. Here’s to making it through another holiday as a crazy allergy mom!


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