DIY Hydrangea Spring Wreath

Spring has sprung, y’all! And changing seasons around here can only mean one thing…a new wreath at the Gray household. I really don’t know why I have such an obsession with wreaths, but there is something special about creating something beautiful to hang on the front door. It’s the first thing people see as they walk up to your house, so why not make it a reflection of yourself? This DIY Hydrangea Spring wreath is probably one of my favorites I’ve ever done. Even though it’s been hanging for a couple of weeks now, I seriously still stare at it every day I pull into the house. I love it so much.

DIY Hydrangea spring wreath

For some reason, I absolutely LOVE decorating with hydrangeas. I’ve used them for so many things, and they are my go-to fake flower to use! I actually re-purposed all of the white hydrangeas in this wreath from other wreaths or DIY projects I’ve done in the past. This helped keep cost super low, as all I had to buy were the 4 teal hydrangeas (40% off at Michaels!), and the new chevron burlap ribbon! I even re-purposed the G from my original spring wreath, by putting a fresh coat of white paint.

DIY Spring wreath
Original Spring wreath – re-purposed!
DIY Wreath
DIY Christmas Wreath

Every time I start creating my wreath, I always think about what’s been hanging on the door recently. In this case, it was my DIY Christmas wreath, which only had flowers at the bottom. Then I thought back to my old spring wreath which had flowers along the left side, and the G on the right. This helps give me some direction as to the placement, as I like to switch things up as much as possible. I decided to fill the entire wreath this time, and the result was a total success. I whipped together a ribbon for the top, and placed the G in the center. I actually used a white zip tie to secure it in place. You truly can’t even see it, and it has that sucker totally locked in place! Thanks to the hubs for his quick thinking on that idea 🙂

Hope you guys love the outcome as much as I do!

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