A Working Mama’s Best friend – Roomba

working mama's best ffriend


Guys. There is something so special in my life that I’ve been keeping from you all. But now, I want to shout it from the rooftops! I LOVE our Roomba. Seriously. “Love” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this cleaning robot that has totally changed our lives. I don’t know how I’ve ever lived without it. I truly think it will become every working mama’s best friend.

I have never hid my feelings about how hard it is to be a working mom. It’s soo tough. From feeling like I’m missing out on Noah’s day, to feeling judged by stay at home mom’s who “don’t know how I do it,” to the constant allergy mom anxiety I deal with…it is all around just difficult. I work all week, then try to find time to clean on the weekends, and then when I do find the time, I feel guilty that I’m cleaning instead of hanging with my boy! It’s a vicious cycle people. I am in no way shape or form a total “clean freak”, but, I at least like my house tidy and presentable. We have such a gorgeous house, but I have zero time to clean. And then I just get frustrated and stressed, wishing there were more hours in the day!!

My least favorite thing to clean? The floors. Hands down. I would rather clean all the bathrooms in my house, twice, before I want to clean the floors. Why? Because I could spend an hour cleaning them, and then an hour later you can’t even tell. Between toddler crumbs, dog hair, etc. they are perpetually dirty. And we have darkkk hardwoods, which are beautiful when clean (which was 2% of the time), but the other 98% of the time they are covered in something. It’s gross. Thus, I made David our designated floor cleaner, but he would have to do it literally every day for me to be satisfied. So, when he finally became sick of hearing me complain about the floors,  he realized something needed to change.

Our first thought was to hire a house cleaner (which we may do at some point down the road) But, for now, that’s not what we need. We clean up the kitchen every night before bed, we straighten up the living room, pick up Noah’s toys, etc. It’s the floors that kill me! And having someone come in once every couple of weeks is not going to solve my problem. Thus, we bit the bullet and bought my new bff. I was soooo skeptical about it before we made the plunge, but all the amazing reviews convinced me and I seriously wish we would have bought this 5 years ago. I cannot even express how in love with this thing I am.  I have told everyone and their mother about it, and keep convincing more people to buy it. It’s that good. We have the 650 version which allows us to set it on a schedule. We have ours set to run every night at 9pm. Yep, every night. And you know what…every night it somehow finds more shit to pick up. It’s un-freaking-believable. AH, okay, I’m getting worked up over how much I love this robot.

It has honestly changed my life. (I know, it sounds pathetic). But, every day I come home, and my floors look awesome. Obviously we still have to actually clean them, but I don’t see the dirt, dust, debris like I used to. And that makes for one happy, working mama.

Vroom Vroom

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